Unity is our strength, dignity is our wealth, humanity is our path, love is our God and service is our prayer.

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Who We Are

HOPE is a Charitable Trust engaged in philanthropic activities for the past 15 years.


What We Do

We are an organization dedicated to prosperity of health & humanity in the district of Kerala.


Get Involved

Write a letter, donate, volunteer.. Help us fulfill a bright future for people in need.




All the works we have carried out are from a Zero Beginning, as an organization without funding agencies or godfathers. The sincere dedicated and restless efforts of our founders with a clear mission with a vision, and the endless blessings from the almighty, enabled us to lay a strong foundation of HOPE over which our 541 strong life member stream created the message of HOPE. Our most important philanthropic activities are listed below for your kind information.

  • Blindness Control Programme

    So far we have completed more than 38612 eye surgeries, through 1286 eye camps which include cataract, cornea transplant, Laser and Lasik treatments. An average of 250 to 300 surgeries is now being carried out every month. In this project M/s Aravind Eye Hospital Group are our chief supporters.

  • Welfare Activities for Disabled

    We have implemented many rehabilitation and medical schemes for disabled persons to assist them to secure education, academic, technical or professional training on the shop/floor of the industrial establishment as would enable them to earn a living and to become useful members of the society.

  • Rehabilitation Centre

    A rehabilitation centre for fostering 195 destitutes, affected with Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Acute Physical Disabilities, and Mentally Retarded was opened at Pilathara, Kannur District in Kerala on 13/12/2007. It is part of a three phase project to construct a Total Rehabilitation Centre and Special School fostering 300-400 destitutes affected with fatal diseases like AIDS, Cancer etc. Old aged, differently abled and physically handicapped.

  • Educational Support

    Several Students are sponsored for various courses from primary classes to PG and professional degrees and several others with study materials and books. With support of like minded, we are on the way to extend educational support from primary classes to professional courses for bright, financially backward children on all Kerala basis.

  • Endosulfan Rehabilitation

    A free Mobile Clinic with medical team, to provide service at homes of victims of Endosulfan, from PNPS Ayurvedic College is functioning from Parakalayi. It is executed with the help of Corporation Bank.

    We have 4 acres of land at Parakalayi of Kasaragod District, from PNPS Ayurvedic Medical College for establishing a state of Art Rehabilitation Centres and National Institute of Rehabilitational Studies to provide total rehabilitation of endosulfan victims and those from socially and economically backward sections of Kasaragod.

  • Vocational Training & Self Employment Generation

    We are providing vocational training to groups of unemployed ladies and youths joining hands with community polytechnic scheme and agencies like REACH. The trained once are supported for establishing there own units independently as well as in groups. We aim to form SHG’s in large scale trough out Kerala, with intention of making the unemployed youth self reliant.

    Our immediate aim in this sector is creation of 500 SHGs to support for self employment to 5000 jobless youngsters in next three years.

  • Agriculture

    To promote the value of love towards nature among the youth, we are promoting bio-cultivation of vegetables and fruits under the leadership of our National Vice President Sri. MP Madhusoodanan. As part of this a cow shed for 10 cows has been erected at HOPE Rehabilitation Centre, Pilathara and is functioning now.

    We wish to extend this project asKsheera Gramam and Green Valleys, in selected Panchayaths of surrounding area.

  • Conservation of Energy & Waste Management

    A Bio-gas Plant with 10000 Litre capacity is established at HOPE Rehabilitation Centre Pilathara through the support of Rotary club, which caters the partial need of cooking gas of the centre, uninterruptedly.

    A second plant, intended to generate electricity, using human waste and bio wastes created in the centre will be eructed shortly.

  • LIONS Project

    A mega infrastructural development project including furniture, Kitchen Equipments, Grill, Inverter, Ambulance,etc was provided by LIONS Clubs International Foundation during the period of Dr. K. Damodharan and Prof. O.C. Manomohan as District Governors of the LIONS Club.



Dedicated work for creating a society irrespective of caste, creed, religion and geographical differences, evoking the duty sense and participational support of the society to provide a good physical, relational, emotional and spiritual concept is our mission.


Health to all is our vision. A society with sound mental, physical and spiritual health only can make prosperity, happiness, peace and communal harmony in the world. In this respect we have two conceptual basis- the message of unconditional love without boundaries and dedicated to service of humanity and extended family- a universal family without caste, creed, political, economic or cultural disparities as dreamt in our Puranas “Vasudhaika Kudumbakam


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HOPE Village, Pilathara, Vilayancode P.O, Kannur, Kerala, India - 670504
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